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Ron Brown College Preparatory High School

Washington, DC

Ron Brown College Preparatory High School (RBCPHS) is the first all-male public high school in the District of Columbia. The school provides a student-centered, college preparatory curriculum that develops and enhances character, academic curiosity, and service.

Designed to house 600 students, this full renovation of a former middle school, which was closed in 2013 due to declining middle school enrollment, was a true fast-track project. Delivered from program of requirements through substantial completion in just 20 months, with a construction schedule that delivered in 16 months, the project’s success was derived from a strong Design-Build partnership. Working under a highly condensed schedule, the integrated design process created a sustainable and healthy learning environment that is meeting the AIA’s ambitious 2030 challenge.

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“We want to change the narrative and create a space where we foster their greatness.”

-School Psychologist Charles Curtis

An upgraded main entrance reaches out to establish a welcoming civic presence in the neighborhood. Even before opening, the school collaborated with its community by inviting local Ward 7 businesses to get involved with the construction of the project.