Roosevelt Senior High School

Washington, DC

First opened as a school in 1932, Roosevelt had been a Petworth institution for over 40 years when an unfortunate modernization was inflicted upon it, diminishing both its access to daylight and its civic presence, including the shuttering of the school's historic front door. 

This project restored the best qualities of Roosevelt's 1930s building (daylight, details, artwork, courtyards) and complemented them with new design elements that enable healthy high performance learning environments that meet 21st century standards.  The renewed Roosevelt (re)opened its historic front door in 2016, showcasing elements that:

  • Provide technology-enhanced classrooms and laboratories
  • Nurture a sense of civic pride in its students with the re-opening of the 13th Street main entrance
  • Promote proactive and subtle security
  • Encourage active community use of the Gym, Pool Natatorium, and Health Clinic
  • Promote safe, accessible pedestrian patterns around the site and streamline circulation inside the building
  • Create a high performance school that conserves resources and creates a conducive learning environment

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"The project resulted in the creation of a 21st century academic facility that retains the historic character of a treasured community resource."

A reinvented Roosevelt campus reclaims its civic presence within the community with the restoration of many of its historic features, such as its cupola and front door.