Waterfront Station

Washington, DC

Waterfront Station is located on a 12-acre site in Southwest Washington DC, adjacent to the Southwest Metro Station. The site is being redeveloped into a vibrant 24/7 mixed-use development containing office, retail, and residential.  The new development is designed to reinvigorate and enhance the neighborhood, bringing substantial economic and social benefits to a long underserved area of the city. A long-closed section of 4th Street SW was reopened, reconnecting the site with the greater city grid. 

Waterfront Station Residential, a 365 unit apartment building, will substantially complete the transformation of this area. It will contribute to the development of a mixed-use community on a site that has been vacant the last several years. The building includes below-grade parking and bicycle storage for residents at a site that is pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-friendly. The 11 story building features retail and townhouses on the ground floor, and residential apartments on the upper floors.  The townhouses have external entrances facing the street and Makemie Place, as well as entrances to an internal hallway. All 12 units facing the private street have private courtyards, designed to activate the street, and increase safety for eyes in the neighborhood.

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Waterfront Station is located on a 12-acre site in Southwest Washington, DC